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We offer the full scope of legal services in Russia including the following:

  • Closing international companies in Russia:
    • temporary management of the business
    • preparing financial, action and legal plans for closing business
    • implementation of the approved closing plan including sorting-out of employment, legal and business issues.
  • Bilingual contracts (Russian-English);
  • Supply of goods contracts including Incoterms 2010;
  • Import/export regulations;
  • Litigation in Russian courts;
  • Employment law advice and dispute resolution;
  • Russian work permits and invitations for Russian visa;
  • Probate cases/Estate administration in Moscow region;
  • Contract law advice;
  • Registration of Russian companies and corporate support;
  • Advising on structuring Your business in Russia/with Russian partners;
  • Representing You in negotiations;
  • Tax law advice and dispute resolution;